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Sewage pump
Diaphragm pump
Magnetic pump
Centrifugal pump
Screw pump
Chemical pump
Multi-stage pump
Self-priming pump
Fire pump
Environmental protection equipment
Control cabinet equipment
Water supply systerm
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Shanghai Beide Pumps Industry Co., Ltd
TEL: +86-021-31262936
FAX: +86-021-31262935

Shanghai Beide Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing pumps and valves. We are supported by an experienced technical team, machining workers and strict inspection to offer various products with competitive prices and reliable quality. Our main products: B series submersible sewage pumps, AST building civil dedicated sewage pump series, FH series fountains, garden dedicated pumps (stainless steel), WQ pumps, QW series submersible sewage pumps, ISWD series horizontal centrifugal pumps, DL Vertical Multistage Pumps, GDL type multi-stage pipeline pumps, multi-stage water pumps